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Meet the new GC1K. Leading the industry in horsepower (83HP), this beast offers a heavy duty frame and components along with an improved plastics package, 67 pounds torque, and speeds up to 65 MPH. The GCIK is available in the Base Model, as well as Stage 1, 2 and 3. Intimidator UTV and TGB Engine Company have joined forces to bring you one of the most powerful UTVs on the market! Intimidator is now powering the GC1K with TGB’s 1000cc engine

Key features include:

  • Offered in three stages in a Classic and Crew Cab

  • 83 horsepower

  • 2,500 lb towing capacity

  • TGB 1000cc engine

We've pushed the limits of engineering and design with the heavy-duty GC1K utility vehicle. Combining the two creative engineering forces from both companies is proving to be a front-runner in the UTV world.

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